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When asked to nominate my choice for Classics in the Making, my mind immediately sprang to John Deere’s iconic 3350, writes FW Machinery editor, Nick Fone.

It’s got everything going for it – character, a gutsy engine, an unusual but well-loved cab and most of all legendary reliability.

But that means that it’s already a classic. What we’re after are tractors built in the past 10 years that will become future classics.

I have had a good hard think about the tractors I’ve driven – not just tested – and tried to nominate a machine that will be looked upon as a rugged, reliable performer.

For me the tractor that makes the grade is the Case MX 150 or, in its current guise, McCormick’s MTX 150. But I believe MX-series tractors had one over-riding feature that makes them worthy of such a title – simplicity.

Whether deliberate or not, Case engineers at the time developed a true no-frills machine.

A four-speed mechanical gearbox with four powershift splits lay at the centre of this and this, coupled with what could still stand as the best shuttle in the business, made for a really easy time for the operator.

Admittedly, the cab isn’t finished particularly well and the constant whine from the hydraulic pump means MX drivers often wish for a set of ear-defenders.

But with a big six-pot Cummins power-plant renowned for its lugging ability, people spotted that the MX offered value for money.

Consequently, thousands were sold and they now make a popular second-hand buy.

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