FW launches new and improved Wreckers Yard

The odd disaster with a bit of farm machinery is part and parcel of farming life – which is why FWi has its Wreckers Yard.

It’s a light-hearted look at some of the “whoops” moments that happen on farms around the UK.

The Wreckers Yard is the place for your photographs of farming disasters, wrecks and general machinery carnage (so long of course there were no fatalities and no serious injuries).

Wreckers Yard has been running for some years but until now you’ve had to email pictures into us and then wait for us to write a story.

However, we’ve just relaunched it so that you can add your pictures and stories as they happen – meaning you can share them with other farmers as soon as you can.

We’ve set up a new Wreckers Yard page which links to a gallery on FWiSpace. There are detailed instructions on how to upload your pictures (don’t worry it is very straightforward). There are also links to old Wreckers Yard Stories.


wreckers yard page


If you have any questions or problems with uploading pictures contact the machinery desk.



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