Galvanised steel fence posts can last up to 40 years

Getting fence posts to last for a decent number of years is one of the biggest headaches for many stock farmers.

Wooden posts tend to be of variable quality and plastic posts have yet to take off. But there’s now another alternative in the shape of McVeigh Parker’s latest range of Clipex galvanised steel posts.

The posts were originally designed by an Australian farming family and were shown in the UK for the first time at this year’s Lamma show.

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McVeigh Parker says the posts have a 40-year service life (25 years in coastal areas) and are also 50% quicker to erect than timber posts. There’s also a neat system that allows you to clip the wire to the post in about five seconds and the strainers and struts are all steel, too.

There are five types of post ranging from a 10-slot 1.8m Clipex for £3.99 to the 14-slot 3m Clipex Deer Beefy post for £13.23.

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