Giant Holmer beet harvester breaks cover in Norfolk

This huge six-wheel Holmer Terra Dos T4-40 beet harvester was being tested last week by contractors David and Michael Russell from Barroway Drove, Downham Market, Norfolk.

Priced at around £460,000, the Terra Dos T4-40 has a new six-wheel articulated chassis, with self-levelling suspension to ensure all wheels remain in firm contact with the ground, whatever the conditions.

The new drive system gives a 40kph road speed and reduces fuel consumption by engaging two-wheel drive on the road. It’s powered by a new Mercedes 15.8 litre straight-six engine producing 625hp at 11-12,000 rpm.

Fuel consumption is around 31 litres a hectare, says Alex Mathias from UK importer Standen Reflex.

The HR-V walking share lifting system allows for independent depth-control and it’s said to be able to work 20% faster than previously. A wider 900mm intake web and 1,000mm tank feed web are said to boost speeds to around 12kph.

Holmer’s engineers have been in the UK with the machine for the last eight weeks of the UK harvest, testing its features ready for UK sales in 2014.

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