Goodyear expands Optitrac R+ range

Aimed at expanding the range of tyres on offer for higher power tractors, Goodyear has launched another four tyre sizes to the Optitrac R+ range: 540/65R30, 710/65R30, 800/70R42 and 710/70R42.

Designed to work at up to speeds of 50mph, the range also can carry up to 31% more load than standard tyres, and is suitable for on-road driving even at field tyre inflation levels. Goodyear says that because the range can convert more power to traction, they’re ideal for the next generation of high speed tractors emerging on the market.

Derived from Goodyear’s aircraft tyres, the Aero Tie-in bead concept, alongside new materials and stronger carcass, means that the tyre stays firmly attached to the rim, at the same time providing increased traction, says the company. They’re available now.

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