Fashion designer makes dress from baler twine

A Scottish fashion designer has launched a new collection of clothes with a dress entirely woven out of baler twine.

Iona Crawford who works from a farm studio at Craigend Farm, Stirling has designed the dress – and a matching pair of socks –  as part of her spring/summer collection.

“The dress was entirely handkitted using agricultural baler twine. It is an incredibly sculptural piece which forms the avant-garde edge to my collection, and contrasts wonderfully with the tailored cashmere pieces,” she told Farmers Weekly.

‘As a fashion designer and farmer’s daughter exploration of new and unusual materials, is a crucial part of my design practice.

“Naturally, having been brought up on a farm I began to consider what unexpected agricultural materials I might find to work with. Baler twine seeemed an obvious answer, and what better to do than knit with it. Baler twine is not the easiest yarn to work with, but the results were fantastic. The resulting dress is an incredibly structural, sculptural piece which isn’t as uncomfortable as one might imagine.”

small baler twine dress

Farmers Weekly asked if the dress will be also available in orange and Iona’s reply was that she would be open to commissions.

But here is a taster of the designer’s more usual offerings:

cashmere suit

It is not the first time that clothing made from usual material has graced the pages of Farmers Weekly and FWi. Remember the knickers made from nettles? Do you fancy buying some baler twine socks – let us know your thoughts on the forums.


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