Grassland UK: McHale demos trio of Fusion combination balers

McHale has managed to corner the market for combination baler wrappers and was showing off three of its latest Fusion 3 balers at Grassland UK.

The newest in the line-up is the variable chamber Fusion 3 Vario that can produce and wrap bales from 0.6m up to 1.68m in diameter.

This is based on the maker’s existing V660 belt baler, but the chassis and wrapper unit is the same used on the rest of the Fusion 3 line-up.

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To make sure it keeps going in heavy silage crops the Fusion 3 Vario uses three tough, wide belts that have a double drive system.

But if it does clog up there is a drop-floor mechanism to help free it quickly.

The Irish maker was also demonstrating the Fusion 3 Plus model which can tie the bale with film or wrap.

This now accounts for more than 50% of Fusion 3 sales and is growing in popularity as people like the fact there is just one product to have to remove from the bale.

List price for the standard net wrap Fusion 3 is £61,250, the Plus is £65,820 and the Vario £67,000.