Grassland UK: Tanco bale-wrappers go modular

Irish bale-wrapper specialist Tanco has reduced the number of individual models it sells from 15 to two.

That doesn’t mean that there’s less choice, says the company, simply that a new modular system allows any permutation of baler to be offered from a set number of components.

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So you can opt for front-mounted, rear-mounted, static, long-arm, short-arm, twin-arm, triple-arm or offset models.

It makes manufacturing much simpler, says the company, while still offering just as many options for farmers.

An existing user could even convert his machine to a different configuration.

Tanco is one of the biggest bale-wrapper makers in the world, with sales of 1,000 machines a year and markets in more than 35 countries.

Curiously, its biggest market is South Korea, which takes more than 200 wrappers each year, much of them for wrapping rice-grass for cattle feed.