LAMMA 10: High-speed big bale collector-stacker from Big Bale South

On the Big Bale South stand was a high-speed big bale collector-stacker that looked much like the Walton Eclipse, made by CHK Engineering.

CHK are still making the metalwork but Big Bale South will be selling it nationally. It has a new name – the Big Bale Transtacker – and has had a complete hydraulic and electrical revamp.

It’s now much more modern and usable, says BBS’s Paul Bowles and unusually can pick up the stack once it’s been set down.

There are two sizes, the £62,000 Standard (which can handle 21 80x90x240 bales or 12 Hesston-type ones) and the 0.4m longer £63,000 Extra which handles 24 of the smaller bales and a similar number of Hesstons.

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