LAMMA 10: US-built Haydryer makes an appearance

This unusual-looking setup is a Veda Hay Dryer, imported from the USA by Irish company Robinson Farms.

It is claimed to dry bales from moistures of up to 30% down to 12% using forced, low-temperature air to avoid any fermentation. And the company claims that the relative feed value of hay that it dries is maintained and, in some cases, improved.

It consists of a number of modules, each with two chambers which also act as ventilating ducts. The heat-ventilating unit is on one side of the machine and can be powered via either propane or diesel, with flexible ducts carrying the warm air to the chambers.

Different sizes are available, with a unit capable of drying eight round 4x4s costing £38,887, up to one that takes 24 big square (or 32 round) bales costing £92,262.

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