New products at Grassland and Muck 2008

There’s nothing like a tour of the Grassland & Muck 2008 stands and working areas to get up to date with the latest in forage and waste machinery. Here Peter Hill rounds up the newest tackle on show.

Exhibitor stand/plot numbers

  • Grass working plots 100-126
  • Static exhibitor stands 200-540
  • Muck exhibitor stands 900-915


* AerWay (531)

New range of slitter-type aerators and slurry incorporators with adjustable lift tines to promote forage growth and nutrient absorption.

* Dales Agri Sales Agency (333)

New range of Accuspread trailed fertiliser and lime spreaders.

* Kellands/Multidrive Tractors (411)

Multidrive tractor unit becomes self-propelled lime/fertiliser spreader with New Leader Multiapplier body applying up to three different materials using automatic rate control and digital application map.

* Opico (101)

Bush Hog 320 series rotary scrub cutters in 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m (5ft, 6ft and 7ft) sizes with high-rated gearboxes and heavier-duty hood construction. Bush Hog 2715 Flex Wing high-capacity cutter 4.57m (15ft) with 235hp main gearbox.

Bush Hog 2715 Flex Wing

Opico will reintroduce wide-working rotary cutters like this 4.57m (15ft) Bush Hog 2715.

* Stocks AG (511)

Stocks Turbo Jet VariSpeed pneumatic grass seed broadcaster for harrows, capable of high-rate over-seeding up to 8m wide.


* Claas (121)

Additions to Disco Contour centre-pivot mowers – 2.6m and 3.1m with tine-conditioning units. New design Liner variable-width twin-rotor grass rakes with working widths up to 9m (30ft).

Claas Liner 2900

Improved Liner vari-width rakes are among Claas newcomers.

* LandMec Pottinger (117)

Novacat V10 tractor-mounted triple mower-conditioner (one front, two rear) 8.7m to 10m (28ft 6in to 33ft) adjustable working width plus rear unit hydraulic suspension, break-back and working/transport configuration set-up. EuroHit 100-series grass tedders with increased tine arms on some models – seven-model range covering 5.4m to 8.86m.

Pottinger Novacat V 10_02

Novacat V10 triple outfit’s rear unit has 1.3m (4ft 4in) working width adjustment.

* Sunshine Agriculture (100 / 529)

High-capacity vee-formation finger wheel grass rakes – 12m (40ft) Millennium V20 7GW and 7m (23ft) Raptor V14 4GW capable of operating at 24kph (15mph) – and tedder from the Tonutti range of grass mowers, tedders and rakes.

Sunshine Agriculture

Tonutti keeps the finger wheel rake concept alive with wide-working vee-formation designs.


* Albutt (802)

New version heavy-duty 5.66cu m buckrake featuring high-tensile Hardox steel tines for use with high-horsepower tractors.

* Claas (121)

Jaguar 980 twin-engined 830hp self-propelled forage harvester heads latest range features V-Max curved blade chopping cylinder, tyre-inflation control system, auto spout control and colour CEBIS monitor.

Claas Jaguar 980 02

Claas Jaguar 980 uses twin engines for chopping, just one for travelling.

* Ecosyl Products (209)

Revamped Ecosyler 08 ultra-low-volume silage inoculant applicator is said to look better and be easier to fit and maintain.

* John Deere (113)

7750i Series self-propelled forage harvester equipped with AutoTrac automatic steering and new Kemper 460 Champion 6m large drum maize header with automatic control.

On show – John Deere’s 7050i Series forager design with new Kemper rotary cutter for maize.

* Kelvin Cave (504)

Non-corrosive acid preservatives – Add-F for difficult grass ensiling conditions and Stabilizer for aerobic stability of higher-DM forages. ClampFilm to stop top and shoulder waste in silage silos.

* Kuhn Farm Machinery (126)

Gyrotedder 17002 uses 16 rotors to agitate swaths or spread grass across 17.2m (56ft) but folds hydraulically to 2.4m (7ft 10in).

* LandMec Pottinger (117)

Pottinger Jumbo Combiline dual-purpose self-loading and harvester-loading forage trailers in 60, 66 and 72cu m capacities with three-way folding front panel for self-loading compression and harvester loading visibility.

Pottinger Jumbo Combiline

Fold-down front panel on Pottinger Jumbo Combiline helps driver see forage harvester fill the big-volume load box.

* New Holland (124)

Debut for 824hp FR9090 self-propelled forage harvester, flagship of new series featuring larger chopping cylinder, more powerful engines and new cab/controls.

* RECO (107)

Mengele RotoBull self-loading forage wagons with new seven-tine row and cam-track free pick-up plus galvanised body frame.

* Strautmann UK (110)

Giga-Vitesse ‘Duo’ self-loading or harvester loading silage trailers – 30.5 to 42cu m capacities. Giga-Trailer non-tipping silage hauler with hydraulic floor conveyor unloading, large capacities and high specification running gear.

* WestMac (104)

With more knives and faster feed rollers, the trailed forage harvester has increased output and is operated with tractors from 225hp.

JF-Stoll FCT1355

Uprated JF-Stoll forager will take a lot of power.


* Ag Bag Systems (527)

G9000 Europe internal compaction Ag Bagger silage storage system is a pto-powered bagger that does not need a back stop – so gives larger capacity and faster bag change-over.

* Amazone (120)

Krone Comprima round baler featuring simpler pick-up with no cam track and new NovoGrip bale-forming mechanism for higher densities and throughputs with quiet, smooth running and low wear.

Krone Comprima F125XC

Krone’s all-new Comprima balers feature a new style of bale-forming mechanism.

* Case IH (108)

Fixed-chamber RBX344 plus variable-chamber RBX454 and RBX464 round balers with 1.5m and 1.8m maximum diameters. Available with tine stuffer or rotor feed and optional Serpentine Roller kit to prevent grass wrapping around rollers, especially in wet conditions.

Case IH RBX454

Latest-spec balers are built in Poland rather than the US.

* Claas (121)

Quadrant 3200 big square baler with variable- or fixed-cycle pre-compression and chamber feed system, plus higher input power rating, for higher outputs, especially in more challenging conditions. Improved Rollant 354 round baler.

* Cordex (401)

Cordex says Balecord Ultra Grip baler twine has 80% more grip in the knot, resulting in heavier, denser bales (up to 20% more in straw) combines with 10.5kg super pack spools to deliver greater outputs.

LAMMA 2008 027

Cordex Ultra Grip baler twine – said to have 80% grippier knots.

* Cotesi (448)

Platinum baler twine approved for big balers, drawing on special raw materials and production technology for high strength.

* DA Lupton (212)

New power packs for bale wrappers – Powerwrap PW175 for Taarup 7120 and PW178 for Tanco 280ARC.

* McHale Engineering (109)

Fusion 2 integrated baler/wrapper features a new chassis, chamber layout, net application system, control unit and simplified transfer bale transfer.

McHale Fusion

Second-generation McHale Fusion has improvements in most areas.

* Singleton Agriculture (450)

Improved range of Choice fibulated plastic baler twines developed with Cotesi to replace Hi-yield line.

* Tanco Autowrap (125)

Twin-satellite Tanco 1400 bale wrapper with speedy bale pick-up, transfer and offload optional stationery set-up. Bale end-tipping kit for Tanco 1300 roller lift-and-wrap to drop bales in the field on-end.

* UAT (478)

UK-manufactured TamaNet Marathon 4200m round bale net – 40% longer than standard ‘3000m’ netwrap so fewer reel changeovers resulting in improved baler output.

TamaNet Marathon 

With 40% more net in each reel, Tama’s Marathon reels reduce stops to replenish supplies.

Volac International (468)

Topwrap 2000 bale wrapping film for up to 30% more output, 24% less plastic and 10% cost saving per bale.

* Woodfield (535)

Factor parts for a range of balers.


* Bomford Turner (426)

UK-built Bomford Sila-Bed shred-and-throw distributor for straw bedding or silage.

Bomford-Turner Sila-Bed

Bomford’s Sila-Bed feeder-bedder.

* David King Electronics (405)

Weigh System for telescopic handlers with digital display showing weight measured by a proportional signal from pressure transducer in the hydraulic circuit.

* EasyFix Rubber Products (319)

EasyFeeder lightweight shatterproof plastic for use with diet feeders reduces labour, waste and bird contamination.

* Harry West (230)

New design paddle-plus-auger diet feeder with revised transmission for reduced power requirement and hydraulic drive to high feed-out discharge rotor. Available in 12cu m and 16cu m capacities for larger dairy herds.

Harry West PreesNew Diet 

Revamped Harry West diet feeder needs less power.


* Agchem Europe (901)

First UK showing of the 300hp Challenger TerraGator 2244 applications vehicle for manure and slurry spreading.

Challenger TerraGator

Challenger’s new-look TerraGator slurry spreader.

* DairyCo (458)

DairyCo formulates cost-effective solutions to improve slurry storage systems and help plan for potential future spreading restrictions.

* Greencrop Irrigation (218)

Veneroni LC50 slurry mixer pump for all underground channels and GCFYS tractor yard scraper adjustable from 1.8m-2.1m (6ft-7ft). Plus 1000-litre highway fuel bowser.

* Hi Spec Engineering (252)

First-time out for Hi Spec Xcel manure spreader using hooded flail and disc rear discharge spreading mechanism.

* Holme Farm Services (219)

Lite-Trac 240hp mechanical drive tractor unit with 24t gross/8t unladen weight for spreading and spraying with quick demountable bodies.

K Two Sales (103)

Trio 18t single-axle manure spreader with three rear-mounted horizontal beaters spreading up to 24m.

K-Two’s big-volume 18t spreader has horizontal beaters.

* Kuhn Farm Machinery (126)

Pro-Twin Slinger 9150-litre front-discharge manure and slurry spreader uses swinging hammer side rotor fed by twin augers.

* Major Equipment (430)

The Pump Station mobile slurry pump separates debris and draws slurry through a mesh filter, chops it using pto-driven blades and moves it on to a distributor.

* Milbury Systems (906)

Aeromixer low-rate aeration system passes air bubbles through slurry to keep it fluid and reduce hydrogen sulphide emissions when mixing and pumping slurry out of store, reducing health risks to workers and livestock.

* Mixit Stirrers (220)

Under-slat slurry stirrer with hinged frame enabling impeller tube to be angled and inserted through small access holes in floors suspended above slurry storage tanks. Can also be used in outdoor lagoons.

* Pichon (229)

Trailing shoe slurry injector – 7.5m with fibre macerator – to deposit slurry to grassland without run-off or smell.

* Schuitemaker Machines (106)

Trailing-shoe slurry injectors with galvanised frame/injector, vertical cut and spread mill.

* Slurrykat (905A)

Redesigned Slurrykat umbilical slurry hose reeler range for easier use and operation.

* Spreadwise (907)

Fully-galvanised 8m or 12m (26ft or 40ft) surface application slurry dribble bar for use with umbilical or tanker application systems. Electro-hydraulic folding, fibre macerator, 40mm hoses at 350mm spacing and optional flow-meter.

* Tramspread (911)

Duo combined umbilical slurry applicator boom and hose reel – a cost-effective solution for transporting and laying out drag hose.

Tramspread Duo Reeler

Tramspread’s Duo is an applicator and hose transporter in one.

* Trimble Agricultural GPS (444)

AgGPS EZ-Guide 250 System light bar guidance with new Freeform guidance pattern and 15cm to 20cm (6in to 8in) pass-to-pass accuracy.


* Landini (337)

PowerLift 150hp ‘teletractor’ with three-stage boom lifting 3500kg to 8.6m, integrated 4500kg rear linkage/pto and reversible driving position for mowing, etc.

Landini PowerLift

PowerLift works as a handler but will also mow a silage field or operate a straw shredder/blower.

* Lynx Engineering (417)

Stoll FZ tractor loaders with increased lifting capacities, new mechanical parallel system, improved forward vision and new construction.


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