Pomi three-bale accumulator cuts travel on wet fields

A new three-bale accumulator that allows 120cm square bales to be left in a row at each end of the field – or in a line across the middle – could help cut the amount of running about on wet fields by telehandlers and bale-cart tractors and trailers.

Made by Danish firm Pomi, it is being imported by the Marlesford, Suffolk branch of Ernest Doe. It is chiefly designed to handle the increasingly popular 120cm Hesston-type bales made by MF2190s and New Holland BB9090s, whereas the Canadian-made Phiber accumulator also imported by the firm is aimed at 80cm big square bales.



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Operation is simple, with the first bale moving to one side, the second to the other, then the third sliding up between them. Finally the tailgate releases all three. There is also a manual mode that lets the driver place them where he wants.

That means that instead of dropping them singly at random around the field, the driver can make a row at each end of the field. Or, if it’s a very long field, he can leave a third row in the middle. So running around on wet soil is minimised, as is fuel use.

Pomi three-bale accumulator 5

Folding wings cut the unit’s width to a road-legal 2.97m and dual wheels shod with 26×12-12/14 tyres are standard. There is also scope to switch the accumulating mechanism off and the let the bales ride through singly.

Retail cost of the Pomi is £17,000.