New Zealand calf milk feeder mixes on the go

An all-in-one calf milk mixer and dispenser from New Zealand firm Stallion promises to cut the workload when feeding large groups of calves.

The Mixer Tanker Feeder (or MTF for short) can be towed behind an ATV or pickup and has a 1,000-litre mixing tank powered by a Honda pump.

This means the operator can tip the milk powder and water in at the yard and then drive to the feeding area while the batch mixes – a job that takes three to five minutes.

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To help ease the filling process, there’s a float gauge that rises out of the tank to show the water level.

Stallion advises adding about 100 litres of water to the tank, before starting the pump and tipping in the powder.

Water can then be topped up to the desired level.

Mixed milk can be dispensed into smaller pen feeders using a petrol-pump-style hand lance, or via the tanker’s integrated teat manifold.

This comes with 50 teats as standard, but there’s the option of upping this to a maximum of 80.

The teat manifold wraps around the entire tanker, giving the maximum amount of space for the calves to feed, and the drawbar can be retracted to avoid injuries.

In a bid to prevent corrosive slurry eating through the metalwork, all steel parts have been galvanised.

Stallion has also made the tank and all other plastic components out of impact-resistant polyethylene.

As standard, the MTF comes with a pull-start engine, but there is the option of adding an electric starter.

In the UK, it’s available though Kiwi Kit and is priced from £4,595.

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