Heavy-duty 8m flail mower joins Seppi range

A new heavy-duty flail mower from Italian firm Seppi M can cover 8m in a single pass and mulch material up to 9cm in diameter.

The S9 Multipla replaces the firm’s OLS machine and has three mulcher units that can be arranged in four configurations.

These include pulling all the units on a trailed chassis, hanging them off a three-point linkage, mounting one on the front linkage and two on the rear, or mounting them together on a reverse-drive tractor.

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In all cases, working width totals 8m, and the whole outfit folds to less than 3m for transport. They also come with a limited hydraulic lift function that raises the mowers just clear of the ground for faster headland turns.

An added feature allows the central 2.75m mower to be removed and used independently for smaller jobs.

To help withstand bashing through hundreds of hectares of maize stubbles and the like, Seppi has built the chassis out of high-tensile steel and used 16mm-thick tubing for the rotors.

Replaceable internal wear plates and mulching bars have also been fitted, along with an auto-greasing system for the rotor and roller bearings.

Adjustable rear doors have been incorporated into the back of the mulcher units, allowing bulky material to flow freely and prevent blockages.

Seppi M is based in Bolzano, Italy, but the machines are brought into the UK by importer ArborAgri.

Prices for the S9 Multipla rig start at £44,500.

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