Lamma 2018: Pottinger pledges clean cut with Novacat mower

A clean cut in the heaviest grass crops is promised by Pöttinger for the Novacat A9 triple mower combination making its debut at Lamma.

Adjoining gears in the cutterbar each have three teeth fully engaged for secure and efficient power transmission, while the patented Y-drive power-splitting gearbox mounted on the rear unit’s main frame has shaft drive to each bed and external slip clutches for easy maintenance access.

Pottinger Novacat mower

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The A9’s rear movers can be configured to cut grass across 8.92m or 9.18m at a time and are available plain or with extra dry tine conditioner or RCB rubber roller crimper.

Pöttinger’s Direct Control unit provides individual mower lift/lower and sequenced folding to the transport position, with the status of the mower’s setup shown on an LCD display.