Grassland UK: Claas shows off its giant triple 9300 Contour mowers

Claas was also showing a giant triple mower conditioner at the show in the form of the Disco 9300C Contour.

Attached to a Xerion 3800 with reversible cab (and the joystick and ISOBUS screen set up to work with it), it uses two 3.45m wide mowers on either side, plus a 3m centre unit. The mower is mounted close to the tractor to reduce weight loading and compaction. It’s capable of cutting 200 acres of grass a day and Claas reports that contractors are increasingly opting for this sort of high capacity machine as insurance against the increasingly unreliable UK weather windows. A sophisticated suspension system keeps the whole set-up skimming smoothly over undulating ground.

Cost is £63,000 (excluding the Xerion).

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