Grassland UK: Gowell Shortline

Combined baler-wrappers are an increasingly popular tool for contractors and big farmers who want to do two jobs in one, however, some of the machines can be pretty long. But the Austrian-made Goweil Shortline 5040, brought in by Lely, is just 6.8m long, 0.9m shorter than the previous version.

One of the features of the system is that the baler can be changed after a few years if it has worn out. However, being able to accommodate longer belt balers meant that overall machine length was relatively big. This version, however, works just with shorter fixed chamber balers (in this case a Lely Welger RP235), cutting overall length.

The time it takes to make and wrap a bale has also been cut by 19 seconds by allowing the table to move back at the same time that the baler tailgate is closing (on previous models, the two operations took place one after the other) and speeding wrapper rotation from 30rpm to 34rpm. That means the unit can bale and wrap 80-90 bales an hour compared to 60-65 an hour before.

The Shortline 5040 is on sale now and costs £57,000.

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