Grassland UK: Krone forage wagon

Forage wagons have been gaining popularity with contractors for some years on the back of their lower fuel use and reduced manpower requirement.

Now farmers are buying them in bigger numbers too, so manufacturers are offering smaller-sized machines designed to go behind typical-hp farm tractors.

Krone’s new AX250 and AX280, (which hold 25cu m and 28cu m respectively and replace the Titan 6/40 and 4/32 models) claim to give a good quality cut with minimal power output. In fact the rotor-chopper-equipped AX250 can be towed by a 80hp tractor – a power requirement usually only delivered by swing-arm systems.

How’s that achieved? By using a new sloping chain-and-slat floor conveyor, says the company, that is angled forward to reduce the distance through which the crop has to be guided into the wagon, therefore cutting the rotor speed needed.

There’s a fold-out knife bank, which swings out to the side with all controls on the front left hand corner. Retail price is £48,990 for the smaller machine and £54,320 for the larger one.

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