Grassland UK: Lacotec launches tractor-mounted forager


Making its UK debut at Grassland UK, the German-built Lacotec rear-mounted forager claims to match the output of some smaller self-propelled and trailed machines.

Designed to help spread the cost and increase the workload for high-horsepower tractors, the LHII can take 500hp at the shaft and has a novel disc-type corn cracker which is more efficient than traditional roller units.

Unlike conventional units, which use pairs of rollers running at different speeds to crush the grain, this craker uses interlocking, ribbed discs running at identical speeds. Lacotec says the system requires fewer horses to deliver the same chop as traditional systems.

The crop intake on the LHII can be kitted out with standard grass, wholecrop and maize headers from the likes of John Deere, Kemper and Claas.

Key features include a metal detector with adjustable sensitivity, auto-sharpening from the cab and a full auto-lubrication system. The chopping unit is a 10 or 14-knife flywheel (1,300mm diameter) with 10 or 14 blower paddles and a reversible shear-bar. Chop length is 8-36mm in grass and 4-18mm in maize.

Headers go up to 3m in grass and up to 8 rows in maize. Width is 2.6m, power rating is 200-500hp and list price is £60,000.

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