Grassland UK: Tanco bale wrapper

Irish manufacturer Tanco had two new products on show on its stand.

The 1814 Contractor high-output square and round bale wrapper is capable of wrapping twin-pack small bales right up to large 120 x 90s. Twin satellite arms are able to pick up bales from awkward positions, resulting in increased output, while a rotating off-loading ramp positions bales at 90° to the wrapper, making for quicker bale carting. Since the 1814’s launch at Lamma in January, there have been six sold across the UK and prices range from £26,500.


Also on show was a novel bale shear designed to remove plastic and netting from round bales while at the same time splitting them in two. Operators pick up each bale using five tines, while a catch system grabs the plastic and netting in a pincer movement. A curved blade splits the bale in two, while the wrap remains in the grab, meaning the operator doesn’t need to get out and manually remove the wrap.