Gregoire Besson adds stone picker to soil equipment range

Gregoire Besson has added a new stone picker to its range of soil preparation equipment. The firm says many parts of the UK have stony soil, which has an impact on crop yields, but can also damage tyres and working parts on machinery.

Available in 4m, 5m and 6m working widths the machines are made in Finland by Kivi and can handle stones between 25mm and 300mm. The 6m machine is capable of handling 1.2t/minute.

Different requirements

Rotors on each side of the unit collect stones and transfer them to a lifting drum which has tines that move the stones along a sieve into a stone tank. This sieve size can be altered for different cultivation requirements.

An agitation cleaner is fitted so that the collected stones can be used again for construction purposes. The hopper holds about 3t of material before it needs to be emptied, the collected soil is left to drop back on the ground. The picker is attached to the tractor drawbar and working depth is hydraulically controlled.

A “stump jumper” ensures that if an obstacle is encountered the equipment rides over it, preventing damage. Working speeds of between 1kph and 6kph are achievable. Priced from £24,595 the 4m machine requires about 80hp for effective operation.

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