Grimme replaces GZ range

GERMAN POTATO equipment manufacturer Grimme has launched a new range of trailed harvesters.

By the company’s own admission GZ harvesters have been its bread and butter since their launch in 1997.

Grimme says its new GT range builds on the strength of its predecessor, while the key areas of development are simplified design, ease of operation, reduced service and running costs and improved visibility to the separation area.

Two models – both two-row machines – make up the range. The GT170-S is a three-web machine with choice of standard or cascade web agitation; the GT170-M is a two-web machine with standard agitation only.

Shaft-drive – rather than the belt- and chain-drive of previous models – is now used to take power from the pto direct to the main driven components.

Haulm extraction is performed through a single haulm roller working against the first web. Two further options are available, extra spiral segments and star rollers. A picking table to cater for two people either side is also on offer.

Hydrostatic wheel drive is available as an option to aid harvester travel in tough conditions.

For harvesting on hillsides Grimme offers automatic levelling – which is simply a hydraulic ram fitted to each side of the harvester axle.


Model GT170-M GT170-S
Weight from 5.1t from 6.7t
Width 3m 3m
Length from 9.8m from 10.7m
120t/hr max 120t/hr max


80hp 94hp
Price £56,403* £62,943*
The hydraulic oil tank has been relocated to the centre of the machine and runs across the harvester width. This is said to improve visibility as well as acting as a structural support to the frame.

The new harvesters feature hydraulic depth control and automatic ridge pressure adjustment as standard. Dubbed Terra-control, it simply reads the variation in ridge height through the diablo rollers running in front of the shares. This is then used adjust working depth accordingly.

This is said to ensure a constant working depth which is row independent, regardless of ridge contours.

Prices for the new harvesters start from £56,403 for the standard GT170 M machine, although with all the possible options this could reach £100,000.

The outgoing GZ range will be phased out over the coming season with the GT range becoming fully available for 2006.

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