Harrowing, rolling and seeding in one go – it’s possible, at a cost…

Danish grass kit manufacturer Dalbo has launched a 6.3m set of triple folding rolls which, aside from standard flattening duties, are said to be capable of handling pasture rejuvenation and arable/grass ley establishment.

Imported by Landmec Pottinger, the Maxiroll can be equipped with a sprung levelling-board, two banks of 12mm spring-tines and an Einbock seeder unit.

Up front the levelling-board works to distribute molehills in grass swards and even out the seed-bed surface for new leys. Dalbo Roller Seeder

The spring tines are used to harrow and aerate the surface to scratch up a tilth into which seed can be sown.

Ballasted with water to take the total rig weight to over 5.5t, the three flat rollers are linked in a damped hydraulic circuit to ensure the total mass is evenly distributed.

But such a low cost rejuvenation/establishment set-up comes at a cost – £8995 for the 6.3m folding roll, plus £3425 for the tine-harrow and £3765 for the seeder.