Combines head-to-head: Claas Lexion versus New Holland CR

The recent launch of what New Holland claims to be the biggest combine in the world has prompted plenty of debate about how it stacks up against the previous title holder – the Claas Lexion 600.

Claas Lexion 600

Users of our FWiSpace discussion forums have been thrashing out the pros and cons of each. Some argue that the NH CR9090 has the edge when it comes to power while others point out that a combine is only as good as its operator.

New Holland CR9090

A user with experience of the 9090’s precedessor – the CR 980 – and a Lexion picks up on NH’s strengths in terms of cab and fuel consumption but makes the point that the rubber tracks and header don’t match Claas’.

Has anyone driven both the Lexion 600 and the CR9090? What are the plus points of the Claas and when does NH come into its own?  Post your thoughts on FWiSpace…