Deere S Series combines now made in Germany for EU

John Deere’s largest S-Series combines – the 540hp S680/S680i, 570hp S685/S685i and 617hp S690/S690i are now being produced in Zweibrücken, Germany.

In the past these models were solely made at the company’s East Moline plant in the US, but now North American farmers will get their machines from East Moline and European and Confederation of Independent States farmers will get theirs made in Zweibrucken.

“We already have 50 years experience in combine production for European and overseas markets and have invested approximately 20m in our assembly facilities, infrastructure and quality assurance,” said factory manager Ralf Gaa.

“It is another milestone for Zweibrücken that we can now label the entire range of John Deere W-, T- and S-Series combines as Made in Germany. By adding the biggest S-Series manufacturing to Zweibrücken, we can react better than ever to the growing demand for high-capacity rotary combines.”

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Equipped with a grain tank capacity of up to 14,100 litres, Deere’s big-horsepower S-Series combines have a single tine rotor and can be fitted with the new 600X header with extendable cutterbar which will be available in limited quantities for the 2014 harvest.

S-Series combines also acome with the firm’s new interactive combine adjustment (ICA) system. Designed to minimise losses and maximise both grain and straw quality, ICA offers the operator a choice of several harvesting strategies.

Deere’s GoHarvest mobile phone app is also now available as a free download for smartphones and tablets. This latest application allows operators to set up their combine easily in the field.