Krone add X-Disc 6200 header to BigX forager range

With greater output the inevitable goal for any forager operator, manufacturers are concentrating their efforts in this area.

Crop flow in whole-crop cereals has long been an issue with standard combine-type headers and so the major players have all turned their attention to disc-mower-type units capable of handling a far greater volume of material at a far greater pace.

Latest to join the fray is Krone with its 6.2m X-Disc 6200 header for its BigX forager range.

The crop is cut by a disc-bed adapted from Krone mowers.

It is then drawn into the harvester by a 90cm diameter auger. A non-folding rigid unit, the header must be detached and loaded onto a trailer for transport.

The German manufacturer also revealed that it is currently working on a new biomass header to cater for the burgeoning bio-fuel market.

Designed to help BigX harvesters chomp through heavy crops of short-rotation willow and poplar coppice, the new units employ circular ‘buzz-saws’ to tackle trees up to 15cm (6in) in diameter.

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