MF launches first hybrid rotary combine

Massey Ferguson is to launch its first hybrid rotary combine at the Agritechnica show in November.

The MF 9280 Delta will also be the first combine on the market to use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to cut exhaust emissions, the same technology used on the 8600 tractor series launched last year.

“It’s our most important harvesting product in 20 years,” says Adam Sherriff, powered harvesting manager. “The Delta puts us smack bang in the middle of the large agribusiness sector and makes us a serious player in the higher capacity market.”

The 7-cylinder 9.8-litre Sisu Power engine puts out 496hp, and is the first 7-cylinder combine to be used on mobile machinery. It is claimed to use 10% less fuel for the same output.

The 9280 Delta will come with a 9m PowerFlow header, which uses MF’s established continuous-belt arrangement to feed crop into the table auger, regardless of the forward speed of the combine.

But what is new is the HyPerfoma hybrid threshing and separation system, which consists of a larger-capacity high-inertia 1680 x 600mm cylinder and concave coupled with twin rotors at the back.

As the crop comes out of the concave, it’s split into two channels ahead of the twin 475mm diameter, 4.2m long separation rotors that make up the back end. Crop is fed up the rotor by fingers mounted in a spiral pattern on the auger, while two paddles at the end separate the straw ahead of the chopper or swath.

There’s also a new venturi cleaning system, which uses a complex airflow arrangement to lift trash before the grain touches the sieves, meaning the combine can deal with more crop with the same amount of power just using air.

To keep crop intake even, Massey’s Constant Flow system automatically matches forward speed to load on the threshing mechanism, resulting, says Mr Sherriffs, in a 15% increase in output.

The Delta is fitted with Datavision II, and is Autoguide ready. It’s been tested this year throughout Eastern Europe and in Oxfordshire.