New 260hp model heads trio of five-walker MF Activa combines

Massey Ferguson has tweaked its entry-level, five-walker Activa range, which now includes the option of the firm’s Multi Crop Separator on all three models.

The 260hp 7344 is the biggest of the trio, though it is propelled by the same 7.4-litre, six-cylinder Agco Power engine as the 226hp 7343.

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Bottom of the pile is the 7342, which is rated to 185hp and runs the 4.9-litre four-potter used by many of the firm’s mid-sized tractors. In each case, the engine is paired with an updated three-speed hydrostatic transmission.

Header options include the Powerflow range from 5.5m to 6.2m for the two biggest models. This uses a continuous belt feed to serve the crop head first into the feeder house, which is claimed to significantly reduce losses and increase output by up to 73% in oilseed rape, 15% in wheat and 12% in barley.

The bottom-of-the-range 7342 comes with a Freeflow header available in widths from 4.8m to 6m, though it can be specced up to 7.6m wide on the bigger models. Automatic header height control is standard, with lateral flotation an option.

Standout features in the threshing department include independent front and rear concave adjustment managed electronically from the cab.

All three use the same 600mm-diameter, 1,340mm-wide drum with eight rasp bars, and the sectional concave apparently allows elements to be quickly changed when switching between small- and large-grain crops. 

There’s also the option of the Multi Crop Separator to tease out grain ahead of the straw walkers, plus a new modular grain pan with removable plastic inserts to ease cleaning when working in difficult conditions.

Grain tank capacities range from 5,200 litres to 6,500 litres, and unloading speeds are either 72 litres/sec or 85 litres/sec, depending on the model.

Among the cab improvements is the addition of an air-suspended seat with an armrest that carries a multi-function lever to control the hydrostatic transmission, unloading auger and a raft of other functions. 

Optional extras include electric sieve adjustment and returns monitor, a cool box and a rear camera.

List prices, excluding the header, are £153,035 for the 7342, £164,039 for the mid-range 7343 and £180,127 for the 7344. Opting for the Multi Crop Separator adds roughly £10,000 to those figures.

Activa range specs


Activa 7342

Activa 7343

Activa 7344


4.9-litre, four-cyl Agco

7.4-litre, six-cyl Agco

7.4-litre, six-cyl Agco

Max power





Three-speed hydrostatic

Three-speed hydrostatic

Three-speed hydrostatic

Straw walkers








Cutting width

4.8m to 6.m



Grain tank

5,200 litres

5,200/6,500 litres (option)

6,500 litres

Unloading speed

72 litres/sec

72/85 litres/sec (option)

85 litres/sec


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