New Holland recaptures harvest world record

New Holland has had confirmation it has reclaimed the world record for the most wheat harvested within eight hours.

The record was set on 15 August 2014 at Hr Bourn and Sons Farm, near Wragby, Lincolnshire, where 797.6t of wheat were harvested using a CR 10.90 combine.

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Record statistics

  • Total time harvested eight hours
  • Amount of wheat harvested 797.656t
  • Average t/hour 99.7
  • Peak capacity 135t/hour
  • Area harvested 80.2ha
  • Fuel used/tonne grain 1.12 litres
  • Average moisture 16.2%
  • Average yield 9.95t/ha

“We are extremely proud to have recaptured the Guinness World Records title for harvesting almost 800t of wheat in eight hours, shattering the previous record by more than 120t,” said Hedley Cooper, head of harvesting product management.

The record-breaking day’s harvesting, which started at 11.17am, was characterised by changing weather, with the ambient temperature ranging from 18-21C and light showers occurring from 5.30pm onwards.

The CR 10.90’s average throughput was 99.7t/hour and peaked at 135t/hour in a crop of Santiago, which yielded an average of 9.95t/ha and an average moisture content of 16.2%.

The entire day’s activities were overseen and verified by Pravin Patel, a Guiness World Records record adjudicator, who was assisted by Alan Robson, agricultural chaplain for Lincolnshire as the second independent witness.


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