Plusher cabs and more power for John Deere T5 and T6 combines

John Deere has been systematically overhauling its combine harvesters, with T-series straw walker models the latest to receive a makeover.

Gone are the old T500 and T600 machines, replaced by the five-walker T5s and six-walker T6s, each of which gets a swish new cabin.

This has filtered down from the firm’s flagship X9 twin-rotor machine and comes with perks such as a Command Pro joystick, high-spec LED work lights, better dust sealing and a 12.8in touchscreen display.

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A bit more power is on offer, too, and grain tanks have swelled to a maximum of 13,500 litres.

Rated outputs are a generous 40t/hour on the biggest T5 model and 55t/hour on the flagship T6, although these will likely be a good bit lower in the real world.

Broader range

The advent of the T5 and T6 means buyers get more choice than before, with four models offered in each range. The TS400 is the junior member of the team and the only one fitted with Deere’s 305hp, 6.8-litre PowerTech engine.

All others get a gutsier 9-litre JDX9 unit, which tops out at 421hp in the largest five-walker T5 700 model and 466hp in the biggest six-walker, the T6 800.

This engine also offers “intelligent speed management” which aims to improve fuel consumption by automatically reducing engine revs during transport.

Other updates include wider feeder houses that match the rest of the combines’ internals – 1.4m on five-walker and 1.67m on six-walker models – and an adjustable spout that makes it easier to brim trailers.

As for unloading speeds, these peak at 150 litres/sec, allowing 10t of grain to be wound out in 90sec.

For undulating farms, Deere offers various forms of slope compensation. Entry level versions offer 7% correction, and the hillside package ups this to 14%.

But for those on the steepest of fields, the HillMaster hydraulic levelling system offers up to 22% of tilt.

A machinery launch wouldn’t be complete without packing in some extra technology, and the new T5s and T6s don’t disappoint on this front.

An on-board grain sensing system offers on-the-spot moisture, protein and starch measurements, while Machine Sync allows the combine driver to take control of tractors and trailers when unloading on the move.

Buyers can also opt for a second touchscreen display, allowing more functions to be viewed and adjusted at the same time.

John Deere T5 and T6 combines



Max power

Grain tank

Five walkers

T5 400

6.8-litre, six-cylinder


10,000 litres

T5 500


9-litre, six-cylinder


T5 600


11,500 litres

T5 700


Six walkers

T6 500

9-litre, six-cylinder


11,000 litres

T6 600



13,500 litres

T6 700


T6 800


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