3 top tools for quicker, more accurate grain sampling

Getting representative grain samples is a crucial yet time-consuming part of any harvest operation. We’ve selected three products that help make sampling quicker, easier and more accurate.

Lishman single-head sampling spear

Lishman Stretched Core-L and Solid Core-R sampling-spearsMartin Lishman Stretched Core and Single Head spears

The Stretched Core sampling spear (right) from Martin Lishman collects a total of 480g of grain in eight collecting holes along its length and is suitable for lorry load moisture profile sampling.

The 2m Solid Core spear also has eight sampling compartments along its 2m length but they are smaller and collect a total of 290g.

In both cases, the holes open spirally once the spear has been inserted and the spears can therefore be used for monitoring the bulk profile during drying operations by emptying each hole separately.

For general moisture monitoring, the entire sample can be emptied through the end of the spear.

The 2.6m Single Head spear (above) is suitable for taking small grain samples from deeper in the heap for moisture measurement.

It comes in two screw-together sections for convenience and takes a 50g sample in its brass sliding sampling head. Prices: Stretched Core £159, Solid Core £149, Single Head £126 from Martin Lishman.

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Pneumac 3-slot sampling spear

Pneumac 3-slot sampling spear

Anodised alloy is the preferred material for Pneumac’s range of bulk and bag sampling spears.

Other makers still use stainless steel or brass, though the cost and weight of these is a major disadvantage, says the company.

They come in assorted lengths with holes opening at the same time – or sequentially so that samples collected through the bulk profile can be analysed separately.

Prices: 1m three-slot £158.50; 2m five-slot £188.50; 2m four-slot sequential £188.50 from Pneumac.

Claydon Black Box grain sampler

Claydon Black Box grain sampler

The Claydon Black Box mounted on the back of a grain bucket automatically takes a 150g sample with every load.

It should collect enough to keep half at the farm store and send the other half with a collection note.

A template is provided for cutting out the egg-shaped hole needed in the bucket.

HGCA tests concluded that the device provides samples representative of the load for moisture content, bulk density, protein/nitrogen content and screenings.

Be sure before fitting that it does not foul the front wheels of the loading vehicle though.

Price: £140-£150 from Evans & PearceMartin Lishman and Prag Direct.