Bluetooth grain sensors make data collecting easy

Crop sensor specialist Martin Lishman has launched an upgrade to its Minitemp grain monitor, which previously required cables to run along the top of the grain heap to connect each sensor.

The new model – Minitemp Blue – does way with cables and employs Bluetooth to transfer the data from each sensor back to an app on a smartphone, which means no more climbing up the crop to gather readings.

Sensors are mounted on the top of 2 or 3m probes inserted into the grain and can store data for up to six months, which means reading accuracy isn’t affected if the smartphone is out of range.

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A Bluetooth range of up to 20m is possible in a straight line of sight, so depending on where the user stands in the grain store, sensors can be monitored and data downloaded from one position.

The unit price starts at £245, which includes a 2m rigid grain temperature sensor, Bluetooth monitor and use of the iOS or Android app, with discounts available for bulk purchases.