Lishman’s AgroLog offers wireless grain moisture readings

A wireless probe that takes moisture and temperature measurements in stored crops – such as grain and oilseeds – provides quick access of the readings on a mobile phone and other remote devices.

The 2m AgroLog probe, from in-store crop management specialist Martin Lishman, has five sensors collecting crop moisture and temperature readings, which are transmitted via a cellular network to an app on an Apple iOS or Android phone.

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A web version of the app is also available to access and manipulate the data on any internet-connected device, such as a tablet or office computer.

Calibrated to individual crops, the AgroLog provides spot and trend readings of the equilibrium moisture content, which is considered essential to achieve effective grain drying and safe storage conditions without excessive energy use or the economic losses associated with over-drying.

The multiple sensors help identify the drying front and therefore the point at which dryer heaters can be turned off and only ambient air used to dry the rest of the bulk.

During development tests, growers say they found the probe easy to set up and use, and accuracy matched by moisture meter readings; they considered it a “handy tool” for an instant guideline moisture reading.

The AgroLog is priced £271.

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