Opico Magna batch grain dryers get remote control system

Opico has introduced an automatic control system for its range of Magna batch grain dryers, allowing them to be operated via a mobile device such as a tablet, smartphone or office computer.

The brains of the setup are housed in a new control panel mounted on the side of the machine, complete with a 9.7in touchscreen display. This offers several functions, including the ability to select crop type, customise settings and view batch progress reports.

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By connecting the system to a wifi or 4G network, the same tasks can be performed using a desktop computer or mobile device, meaning operators don’t have to visit the machine to monitor progress or adjust settings.

On top of this, the connectivity allows Opico technicians to log in to the system remotely to perform backups and software updates.

Magna dryers have a diesel-fuelled burner and are available with capacities from 12t to 48t.

Magna grain dryer remote control display

© Opico

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