Metsjö unveils multibody trailer with adjustable ride height

Scandinavian trailer maker Metsjö has launched a changeable body trailer that’s fitted with smooth hydraulic suspension, rather than a traditional parabolic setup.

It’s a system the firm has been developing for five years, originally featuring on its largest trailers, before filtering down to the new MetaQ51.

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As well as giving a more comfortable ride, it lowers the centre of gravity and gives operators the option of adjusting ride height by as much as 35cm.

The new range is built out of a light, high-strength steel and can be specced with any of the firm’s MetaX containers, which range from grain and silage bodies to dumpers and flatbeds.

Grain capacity is up to 21cu m – about 16.5t of wheat – and the dumper version can hold up to 14cu m.

There is also a smaller 7.3cu m version, with low sides that allows loading with a mini digger.

Metsjo MetaQ 51

© Metsjö

Buyers also have the option of upgrading to ABS brakes.

The Swedish firm has been building trailers since 1958 and has a strong following in Europe, but it is yet to appoint any UK dealers.

If it does so anytime soon, the MetaQ51 should be available from about £24,565.

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