Wisbech dealer BP to import tractor-mounted Honey Bee swathers

Wisbech-based combine dealer BP Combine Harvesters has taken on the import job for Honey Bee draper flex headers and tractor-mounted belt swathers.

The five-model swather range extends from 4.6m (15ft) to 10.9m (36ft) and could find itself in particularly high demand should glyphosate be banned in the UK.

The units can be mounted on the front or rear of the tractor and use a 1,000-speed pto drive to power an on-board hydraulic pump integrated into the subframe.

This runs the 107cm-deep rubberised polyester draper belt and double knife drive.

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Belt speed can be adjusted through an in-cab control box up to a maximum of 175m/min and all models (bar the smallest centre-swath-only ST15) have moveable left, right and central delivery options.

Honey Bee swather at work in field

Swath openings on all but the ST15 are 118cm in end-delivery configuration, or 146cm when laying windrows between the tractor’s wheels.

Mounting to the tractor is via a regular three-point linkage, and four spools are required to power the reel and alter things such as its turning speed and fore/aft position.

The header’s tilt adjustment is set on the tractor’s hydraulic top link, and gauge wheels can be specced at either end to reduce instances of bulldozing on uneven ground.

However, these do reduce the size of the openings by roughly 15cm.

Honey Bee also suggests checking the tractor’s limits to be sure it can handle the swather, including tyre size, lift capacity and whether any rear ballast is required.

As a guide, weights range from 1,600kg on the ST15 to 3,175kg on the ST36.

The on-farm price of the mid-range ST21, including a transport kit and Ziegler side knives, is £39,995.