Highpoints from cereals 2006

Claas ScorpionClaas Scorpion

Claas unveiled its top of the range telehandler, the Scorpion 9040.

The new model is capable of lifting 3.6t to 8.9m and is powered by a 120hp Deutz engine coupled to a two-range 40-kph hydrostatic transmission.

Pricing for the 9040 is set at £64,800.

Vogel and Noot

Vogel and Noot’s TerraDrill incorporates a high-speed disc-cultivator, ring press and disc-coulter drill.

The unit is designed to be operated at speeds in excess of 8kph (5mph) and exerts a 9t load on the tractor linkage.

For these reasons at least 150hp is needed up front.

The 3m rig costs £18,000 and can be split so that the cultivator can be used on its own. Vogel Noot Terra

Gregoire Besson

Gregoire Besson used Cereals as a launchpad for a new range of 5-7 furrow mounted variable furrow-width ploughs – the RW 9 series.

These have a hydraulic suspension system built into the headstock to soothe headland turns and transport.

Many of the plough’s functions – including furrow-width adjustment and inclination are hydraulically adjustable.Gregoire Besson

A bogey-type twin depth wheel setup is said to significantly improve contour following and transport stability.

Price for a 7-furrow version is 26,000.

Kverneland Variomat

A new range of seven to 12-furrow ploughs is now available from Kverneland.

Taking on a semi-mounted, articulated format, the 10-body Variomat uses a standard four-furrow reversible mounted on a linkage at the rear of a bigger six-furrow. Kverneland Variomat

Price for this unit with spring overload protection is about £40,000.



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