Hinowa tracked dumper stays afloat on boggy ground

If you’re on the hunt for a dumper truck that will go almost anywhere then you might be interested in this offering from Italian manufacturer Hinowa.

Called the Traxporter, it has a 2.5t swiveling dumper body, is powered by a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder Kubota engine that develops around 50hp and has twin 2.5m-long rubber track units with six idler rollers apiece.


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A rudimentary tubular frame cabin keeps the operator safe if it rolls over and both the seat and controls rotate 180 degrees so that the driver can always face the direction of travel.

Drive and steering is provided by a hydraulic motor on each track unit and it has a heady top speed of 7mph.

The only catch is the price tag – it’ll set you back a weighty £41,867. However, the price does fluctuate according to the exchange rate.

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