Horsch shows entry-level cultivator and giant chaser bin

Horsch was at the Cereals event this year for the first time under its own name. It showed a Joker 3 CT cultivator with Mono TG bar. This is an entry-level linkage-mounted short disc cultivator with tines, discs and rollers and is aimed to go behind tractors in the 150-200hp range.

The high disc speed is ideal for fast stubble cultivation, stale seed-bed preparation and burying residues, says the company. Meanwhile the new Mono TG Bar attachment, with its five Terragrip legs that work down to 30cm (12in), means it can be used as a primary as well as a secondary cultivator.

Two rows of serrated 460mm diameter discs turn quickly providing an aggressive action, says the company, and there’s a choice of steel disc packer, rubber Farmflex or Rollflex spring steel packers.

Horsch also showed its new Titan UW chaser bin for the UK market. This can hold a full lorryload of grain and fill a lorry in only 90sec. The giant 34cu m hopper equates to 27-28t of wheat and output capacity of the 600m diameter auger is a startling 18t a minute, equivalent to 1,000t an hour.

The auger can be folded and unfolded hydraulically from the tractor cab. When folded, the auger rest on a support across the front of the wagon without protruding, so transport width is below 3m.

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