How to get your Welger baler ready for the silage season – picture gallery

With the silage season fast approaching, it won’t be long before balers are brought out of hibernation and set to work. Peter Hill asked Lely service technician Jim Hunter for tips on how best to prepare a Welger machine for its task

Here’s some simple advice. Ensure the baler is lubricated with the correct oils and grease, check the drive chains for excessive wear and correct tension, inspect the bearings for signs of wear and give the machine a good clean, inside and out.

That pretty much summarises the essentials of preparing a Welger steel roller or rubber belt round baler for the forthcoming silage season. And since the pick-up and intake assemblies of these machines are the same, many of the tips described here apply to both. But as is so often the case with such things, the devil is in the detail, as the fuller explanations given with the accompanying photographs reveal.

It goes without saying that before starting on any maintenance or repair job of this type you should ensure the pto drive is disengaged and preferably disconnected. Also that the tractor engine is stopped and the baler’s tailgate securely propped open with the hydraulic tap on the lift circuit closed.

Pto shaft guarding and lubrication (for the universal joints and the telescoping surfaces) tyre condition and pressure and brake condition should also be part of the checklist for this and any other farm implement.