Idass folding forage harvester pickups

French company Idass says it is looking for a UK dealer for its novel Easy-Way folding pick-ups for self-propelled forage harvesters.

The company says the units give users wide working widths with the ability to shrink the width on the road. Working widths of 3.03m, 3.55m, 4.15m and 4.45 are available with a road width of 3.17m. The largest model allows two swaths from a 3.2m mower to be picked up. The folding and unfolding processes each take 50 seconds and can be done wholly from the cab. Models to fit Claas 800/900, NH FX/FR, Deere 6000/7000 and Krone Big X are available. Cost is about E44,000.

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