Innovagri 2008 tractor and machinery review

Innov-agri is France’s answer to the Cereals Event. Emily Padfield went to see what’s new.

New range of MF combines

Massey Ferguson Centora tractor

Massey had a busy show, presenting its new Activa, Fortia and Centora (pictured) combines for the first time to the public as well as the new 8690 tractors. In the Activa range, there will be a new high-output six-walker model as well as a new entry-level, five-walker model. The three-model Fortia rotary combine range and the high-capacity eight-walker Centora completed the line-up for the top-end of the market.

John Deere extends use of generic joystick

John Deere joystick

John Deere has introduced a new multi-function control joystick for its 700i and 800i trailed sprayer ranges. The joystick will replace the existing switchbox, and will be the same as in the combine and self-propelled ranges, apart from not having the hydrostatic option. Operators will be able to control critical sprayer functions, such as boom folding and spray switching, through the seat-mounted device. The joystick will be standard on all machines ordered from November onwards.

New Holland CR9090

New Holland CR9090

Fresh from its wheat-harvesting record of combining 451t of wheat in just eight hours, the New Holland CR 9090 Elevation drew in the crowds at the show. As the world’s most powerful combine, rated at 591hp, it should make a powerful combination when fitted with the new Biso 12m (40ft) header being made available in Europe soon. A 1160-litre fuel tank means it can go for 10 hours without refuelling.

Geringhoff folding header

Geringhoff folding header

Folding headers are more common in the maize-harvesting market, but the Geringhoff Harvest Star, designed with the grain sector in mind, attracted considerable interest at the show. The header uses a hydraulic drive mechanism for the table auger instead of the usual belt and chain drives, enabling it to fold easily and quickly into transport mode through a control box and electronic display in the cab. The largest option, the 7.2m header, can be folded to 3.8m.

Fendt combines boast cleaner grain

Fendt 8400

Fendt extended its combine offering by introducing the new P series to the 8000 range. The machines are fitted with an eight-straw walker system, and the company continues to use fuel-efficiency as a unique selling point, boasting a highly efficient, gentle threshing system and cleaner grain samples. The new Fendt combines are powered by the latest-generation Sisu Diesel Citius 8.4-litre common rail engines with maximum power of 378hp in the 8370 P and P AL ranges or 413hp in the 8400 P and AL ranges and come with 6.8m and 7.7m Power Flow headers, respectively.

Thierart short straw collector

Thierart short straw collector

The Thierart short straw collector looks like a novel form of tent, but is a 12-16cu m canvas hopper that sits on the back of the combine. An auger mounted upstream of the chopper takes the short straw, small grains and chaff that comes over the sieves and moves it into the hopper. The resulting material, gathered at a rate of about 2t/ha, is then used as animal feed, poultry house litter and to make briquettes for burning. It also means weed and grain seeds don’t fall back onto the ground to germinate.

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