JCB launches bucket brush range

JCB’s latest bucket brush comes with a Domex steel frame for strength without making the attachment overly heavy – it weighs just 210kg – and with a hood made from galvanised steel to resist corrosion.

The low-profile design is said to improve forward visibility and quick-release mounting brackets welded to the host shovel make it easy to install or remove. A series of polybristle cartridges form the hydraulically-driven rotary brush, with segments held in place but easily replaced when worn or damaged. These pose the least possible risk of harm to livestock, says the company.

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At 2.67m wide overall, the new bucket brush is suitable for mounting on 2.13m to 2.44m versions of its new grain shovel buckets in the JCB attachments range. When not in use, it stands upright to take up minimal space in a barn.