John Deere 5E-series prototype

John Deere 5E-Series prototype

A prototype version of the lightweight 5E-series was on display on the John Deere stand. Production of the Indian-made tractors is due to start in May, with 50% of them destined for agricultural use.

Three models make up the series – the 55hp 5055E, the 5065E and 75hp 5075E. All get nine forward gears in three ranges, as well as three in reverse.

A forward-reverse powershuttle will also be available in the future. Power comes from a 2.9-litre, Stage 3a Deere engine with mechanical fuel injection.

The 5E series shares plenty of cab features with the bigger M and R-series tractors, including curved rear-quarter windows. Prices are yet to be announced.

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