John Deere to show off 6M Series

Lamma will provide visitors with their first chance to see John Deere’s recently launched 6M Series which includes tractors from 115hp to 170hp.

Power for the 6115M, 6125M and 6140M models is supplied by 4.5-litre four-cylinder PowerTech PVX engines and the larger 6150M and 6170M are powered by 6.8-litre, six-cylinder PowerTech PVX engines.

PowerQuad and AutoQuad Plus 40kph transmissions are used throughout the range and there are options for front loaders, front hitch and pto along with larger tyre sizes.

Deere will also be introducing a new operating system for its front loaders designed to make repetitive tasks easier. Available for certain H Series loaders fitted to Deere 6R Series tractors, the Return to Position system automatically returns the front loader to a choice of four pre-set positions – two boom heights and two attachment angles.

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