Joskin and John Deere provide slurry analysis on the move

Joskin has revealed it will be offering real-time analysis of slurry nutrients on its tankers fitted with a proportional flow meter.

The system is the result of an agreement with John Deere, which uses similar equipment to monitor crop quality on its foragers, and will use Isobus to transfer data between three different on-board computers.

Using an infrared lens, the main components of the slurry are analysed at the tanker outlet, taking total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, ammonium nitrate and dry matter into account.

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A john Deere tractor pulling a Joskin slurry spreader

© John Deere

The near-infrared spectroscopy sensor emits a beam that is reflected by the slurry.

This reflection is then split into different wavelengths, depending on the nutrient contents.

When combined with flow-meter data, a target value can be assigned to nitrogen and a maximum value to phosphate.

When conditions allow it, the tractor speed and the flow can be regulated to match in.

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