Kawasaki launches new four man Mule ATV

Considered by many to be the perfect compromise between a quad-bike and a 4×4 pick-up, ATV buggies are becoming increasingly popular.


Kawasaki’s Mule was one of the first to make an impact on the market and the Japanese firm has added a new option for users who need to carry more than two passengers.


In standard configuration, the Mule Trans 4×4 3010 has a 1.3m x 1.2m (4.2ft x 4ft) tipping load-deck that will carry up to half a tonne.


However two extra seats can be folded up from underneath the front half of the deck taking the cargo area down to 0.8m x 1.2m (2.5ft x 4ft), reducing load capacity to 318kg.


On the mechanical side of things, the Mule boasts a twin speed belt-driven CVT gearbox powered by a three-cylinder Daihatsu diesel engine which allows it to travel at up to 40kph and tow loads of up to 545kg.


Price for the Mule Trans is £8745.