Keenan brings chain lube system to medium-sized diet feeders

Keenan has updated its medium-sized feeder wagon model to include a sealed oil bath chain-lubrication feature that helps extend the life of its chain drive system.

A move to larger dairy herds has increased demand for big diet feeders and, in response, the Ireland-based firm developed its high capacity 380 and 400 models.

The bigger machines have a four-chain drive system, which shortens the drive ratio and provides an independent drive for the auger, reducing loading on chains, sprockets and bearings to extend working life.

Keenan MechFiber365

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Two of the four chains also run through a sealed oil bath, transferring oil on to others to provide constant lubrication and heat dissipation and ultimately reduce wear.

MF365 Oil bath

This successful design has been transferred to the firm’s medium-sized diet feeder range for the first time, with the MechFiber 365 now having all the features of the popular 360, but with chain-lube system as standard.

Other features include a central greasing manifold, which allows all bearings to be greased from a single point and strategically placed channels route oil back to the bath so it can be recycled.

Access to the two-chain oil bath is gained through full-length fibreglass doors and a exterior sight glass allows operators to keep an eye on the oil level to ensure chains don’t run dry.

The MechFiber 365 has the capacity to feed up to 120 cows per load and can be specced with with single axles, tandem bogie axles or tandem steering axles.

Recommended power requirement is 105hp and other new features include a new-style rear bumper complete with LED lights.

Keenan’s recommended retail price for the MechFiber 365 is £44,200.