Keep tools tidy with a retro-fit a trailer box

Where do you keep your ratchet straps when you don’t need them to hold cargo tight to the deck? In the pickup? Chuck them loose on the trailer bed and leave them to unravel into a spaghetti-type mess?

A better idea might be to buy (or build) a trailer box. The imaginatively named company Trailer Box (it’s actually part of TCF Engineering) does exactly that – its tough plastic container has a 50-litre capacity and a lockable lid to try and keep those undesirables out.

The company, based in north Wales, says the box will fit most flatbed and general-duty trailers, and it includes a fitting kit for A-frame mounting. Brackets for single-spine and box section trailers are also available to buy.

The box measures 900x 290x330mm, which might mean some trailers need minor modifications such as moving the spare wheel carrier. Price is £125.

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