KiwiKit Stallion milk mixer gives rapid mixing

KiwiKit’s neat-looking Stallion milk mixer dispenses colostrums, whole milk or milk powder for calves.

It comes in either a 450 litre capacity on a single axle or 800 litres on a tandem axle. Both models give rapid mixing on either a hot or cold milk system, says the company, and ensure that the correct dilution of powdered milk is produced to avoid digestive problems.

The risk of spreading Johne’s disease can be substantially reduced by using powdered milk instead of whole milk and colostrum, adds the company. Milk can also be easily transported between units, sheds and even between farms.

A Honda petrol engine, concealed in a box on the front, provides power for mixing. The Stallion also has a calibrated floating level indicator, a simple cleaning system and a dispenser gun that delivers 320 litres/min. Cost is £2,500.